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What Caused this Debt Crisis?

Many individuals struggle with repaying their debts. Here at A.C. Waring & Associates Inc., we realize some conditions may be beyond your control and can lead you deeper into debt. These circumstances might include:

  • Losing a job, marital separation, divorce, becoming ill, gambling, needing costly medications not covered by benefits, natural disasters not covered by insurance and investment losses.
  • Marriage to a spouse already carrying debt overload and/or living with large wedding expense obligations.
  • Shopping addictions: sometimes needs and wants get blurred when we feel we “have to have it.”
  • Co-signing a loan for a friend or relative who is not financially stable and you wind up having to pay for the loan.
  • Making minimum credit card payments instead of paying full amounts each month.

Other times, a combination of internal and external circumstances create monetary challenges. Buying a home with a large mortgage, expecting a baby, buying a new car, or failed investments can all lead to increased debt. Many of you will also have financial dependents to care for such as children, your spouse, or elderly parents who are having financial difficulty. We understand these things happen.

When it comes to getting debt help, it does not matter whether a situation beyond your control brought you into financial hardship or if your problems arose from how your finances were handled. The professionals at A.C. Waring & Associates Inc. can talk to you about the alternatives you have available and can suggest various solutions that work for you.

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