Combat Credit Card Debt in Edmonton & the Surrounding Area

Credit card debt is one of the major financial burdens people across Alberta and Canada face. Credit card debt can begin slowly, before you even realize you’re overspending or not tracking your purchases carefully. Relying on credit cards even for small purchases like trips to your favourite café, lunches out, and digital purchases can quickly accumulate. Before you know it, the daily luxuries you’ve enjoyed have added up to create a surprising amount of credit card debt.

A.C. Waring & Associates wants you to know that credit card debt in Edmonton and the surrounding area doesn’t have to imperil your financial wellbeing. Our team combines years of education and experience to deliver personalized financial solutions. Together, we’ll collaborate to assess your financial situation and formulate an individualized program to help you deal with your debt and your financial wellbeing.

Unsecured Credit Card Debt in Edmonton

Most credit card debt is unsecured, meaning the debt itself is not tied to any collateral. Your creditors can contact you and instigate legal action, but they cannot take your vehicle or your home as a form of repayment as is the case for secured debt. Unsecured debts usually have higher interest rates, which puts further strain on people who have accumulated credit card debt.

Our team will evaluate your debt, help determine your specific financial situation and find the best path forward. Discuss your concerns with A.C. Waring & Associates. We are committed to providing our best advice based on your shared concerns.

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