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Thanks So Much

This poem sent to Shanaz:

“Some impart wisdom or comfort and care.

Some point out the path, and some take you there.

Some warm the heart with a human touch.

You have all these gifts…

Thanks so much.

M and AA

Personal Service

Thank you Mr. Waring and Laverne:

I thank you for all your help in encouraging me through this insolvency. I am finally getting on my feet again.



Beyond Expectations

Hi Shanaz,

I can’t thank you enough, but I hope you know that Dave and I appreciate everything you’ve done. We were even able to put some monies aside. It is a very good feeling to be able to pay for things in cash. Thank you again. We will be in touch with you later.

L and D

Professional Support

Dear Laverne,

Just a short note to thank you for all your help involving my file (sorry I’m a bit tardy sending you this card). Approximately mid-August I experienced a relapse and I just started getting back on my feet. I sincerely appreciate the support and guidance you afforded me! All the best to you in the future, take care.



Debt Experts

Hi AnneMarie,

I am sorry for the late reply. I received the discharge 2 weeks ago. At work, there’re a lot of things to do. Home is no different. I thank you and A.C. Waring & Associates Inc. very very much for helping me. Without A.C. Waring & Associates and you, my life would have been miserable. With your help and ADDAC classes, I am on the right track. I want to be on this track forever. I don’t want to think of the place that ruined my life. I was not very smart when I made this big mistake.

Thank you AnneMarie,


Much Appreciated

Fern and Arthur,

Thank you for your patience in this trying period for me. Your patience and calmness have been very much appreciated as I worked through this. I never in my life thought I would be going through a bankruptcy. It has been most disconcerting. That said, there is a reassurance in karma now that the police have just about finalized the materials to charge and try Mr. C.

Thank you once again,


Help Starting Over

Good Morning Shanaz,

All of this (debt) has been weighing on my mind for far too long. I can’t thank you enough for all your advice, help and time.

You are truly a beautiful lady with a genuine soul. I hope everything works out for me. I just need to start fresh and over…

J. C.

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