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SIX Actionable Ways to Protect Yourself During Tough Economic Times

1.  Develop Additional Income Streams Most adults have formal full or part-time employment.  Many also have additional passive or alternative incomes as well.  This additional income is a boon generally but especially during tough economic times.  As long as you have a computer and reliable internet access, there are likely opportunities for you to take […]

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Protected Assets & Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

What Are Bankruptcy Exemptions? There is an understanding that despite filing for bankruptcy, you will still need certain belongings in order to work, maintain dignity, and rebuild your financial standing. These assets are protected during bankruptcy as bankruptcy exemptions.  Bankruptcy exemptions are assets that will not be seized by your Licensed Insolvency Trustee during the […]

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What Happens to Your Car Loans During the Bankruptcy Process?

Car loans and other secured debts are handled differently from conventional debts during the bankruptcy process. We’re here to help you understand how unsecured debts will be affected by filing for bankruptcy and whether or not you will be able to keep your vehicle. Bankruptcy Exemptions Every province has different amounts they allow for each […]

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