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How We Became Edmonton’s Debt Solutions People

A number of years ago, after moving to Edmonton, I had blood pressure problems. No matter what medications I was given, my blood pressure remained high. My doctor referred me to a specialist. The specialist was great and sent me for some tests. The tests occurred early one morning and, surprisingly, the specialist’s office phoned me back that same day and asked me to return to the doctor’s office before the end of the day.

I phoned my wife to let her know. She said she would meet me there. I told her that it was not necessary for her to go, too. But my wife, being a nurse, advised me that a call back so quickly was unusual so she needed to be there with me.

So, my wife and I met face to face with the specialist. He proceeded to explain my test results. He told me that I had a cancerous kidney tumor, cancer that required surgery and that my odds for malignancy were likely. We were advised to ‘get our affairs in order’.

The following days were a bit of a blur to me while I awaited my surgery date. After my kidney was surgically removed we awaited the pathologist’s report. I was told that there was no further extension of the tumor outside of the kidneys, as far as could be determined. I was informed that if the cancer did not return within five years, I would be considered ‘cured’.

Be Prepared: Anything Can Happen

So why am I telling you about cancer while my professional practice is about financial problems and debt crisis for Albertans in the Edmonton and regional area? Well, anything can happen. God knows! Life changing events occur for anyone, for any reason.

While I sat in that hospital bed, the partner-in-charge of the large accounting firm I worked for came to visit me. He told me to take it easy, that I should not worry about the office and if there was anything he could ever do for me I was to let him know. Sure.

Five days after major surgery I went home and he phoned me to come back to work. I went in and was told I was finished working there.

I had no job. A shaky life span, an old house under major renovation, a numb sense of loss, confusion and a lot of pain from the metal surgical staples still gripping my flesh. This turning point gave me what most others in my business cannot give to anyone else–the experience of being on the brink of physical, emotional and financial depletion.

So, if someone wants to talk about their debt crisis, we are the people to talk to. We’ve been there, done that and dug out!

A.C. Waring & Associates: The Debt Solutions People

All of us at A.C. Waring & Associates Inc. have a story to tell. We are all individuals who have overcome odds, pain, grief, loss, or change at some point in our lives. We are real people helping other people in Edmonton with real debt problems with real debt solutions.


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